Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea

In this episode of Shoot The Glass we look at three films with ideas about what an apocalypse might look like: This Is The End, Seth Rogan’s directorial debut and probably the best stoner-rapture film ever made, Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim, in which Godzilla’s extended family comes back for revenge and Idris Elba tries to cancel their planned apocalypse with a line of enormous toys, and Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, which reimagines Superman as a noble, square-jawed humanitarian crisis.

Would you believe that not one but two of these films feature giant cocks? Well it’s true, so just a warning up front: expect a small but still contemptible quantity of childish giggling.

In between the childishness, however, there’s profound insight and deep discussion. Or your money back! So, as the apocalypse rages on above us, pull up a chair and crack open an army surplus ration with Pete and Justin in the palatial comfort of the Shoot The Glass bunker!

Also, you can find us on twitter at @shoottheglass, and this week’s Bill Collins Special is Richard Donner’s 1978 version of Superman.

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