We all know the States unburdened itself of class systems when it shrugged off the British yoke but our man McClane is nonetheless a working-class stiff. He doesn’t have fancy words or a tailored suit, instead he’s got something better and more essential: integrity. Along with that goes a 12-month backlog of New York scumbags… Continue reading California

Not Every Dog

This week we talk the 2015 Oscars and then examine a film the Academy cruelly snubbed: Jupiter Ascending. For homework there’s Flash Gordon. We had some other films too but we didn’t really mean them… So put on your fanciest frock or sharpest suit and come gawk at them beautiful people on the red carpet with Pete and Justin on the Shoot… Continue reading Not Every Dog

The Hammers are in Aisle Four

The Equalizer, Kill the Messenger and Interstellar on this week’s podcast. All good things to talk about! Well, things that are good to talk about. And for homework we have Shooter and Dark Star, one of which is a classic in the good way. So let your love transcend space and time with Pete and Justin on the… Continue reading The Hammers are in Aisle Four

Cats of New York

This has taken forever to edit so I’ll keep this short and… well, short. Sorry for the delay, dear listeners! And sorry to my dear co-host Mister Peter Wells! In this episode we talk about the Academy Awards, TV shows True Detective and Community, documentary The Armstrong Lie, and recent films 300: Rise of an… Continue reading Cats of New York