Cats of New York

This has taken forever to edit so I’ll keep this short and… well, short. Sorry for the delay, dear listeners! And sorry to my dear co-host Mister Peter Wells!

In this episode we talk about the Academy Awards, TV shows True Detective and Community, documentary The Armstrong Lie, and recent films 300: Rise of an Empire, Winter’s Tale, and Vampire Academy.

We wrap up with the Coens’ latest¬†Inside Llewyn Davis¬†and then talk about it more in our spoilery segment after the show along with a very brief discussion of the 300 sequel because you probably won’t see it and you probably don’t care about being spoiled. Surprise! Dudes with muscles have swords. Yeah.

For homework we have Nick Cave and John Hillcoat’s classic Ghosts… of the Civil Dead and, in honour of the late Harold Ramis, the Brendan Fraser-Elizabeth Hurley vehicle Bedazzled.

So come strum a steel-string and sing a three-part with Pete and Justin on the Shoot the Glass Podcast!

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