Some People Would Kill Hitler

Others would prevent the death of a loved one, others still would win the lottery. Here at Shoot The Glass we would travel back in time just to hate a movie that Pete saw. Which movie? Well, you’ll have to travel forward with us in time, at one minute every minute, to find out!

This week we talk about loads of films. Pete saw the doco about Kubrick’s The Shining, Room 237, the cinematic version of a real-life tragedy at Fruitvale Station, and Richard Curtis’ About Time… and he has opinions, I can tell you. I saw Marvel superhero picture Thor: The Dark World and the strangely unnecessary 2 Guns, and I also have opinions but they’re not nearly as clever. During our discussions we discover that if Kubrick wants a penis in his movie you’ll notice the penis, a post-racial utopia is waiting for us in the organic produce aisle, and although the enthusiasm of conspiracy theorists is highly infectious we definitely went to the fucking moon.

This weeks homework includes a lauded film that Pete and I haven’t seen, Timecrimes, along with Spike Lee’s classic Do The Right Thing and the often overlooked early Kubrick films The Killing and Paths of Glory.

So come join Pete and Justin as we swelter in our suits and sip Old Fashioneds on Shoot The Glass!

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