Someone Else’s Lunch

I saw John Pilger’s Utopia this week and, because it deals with the ongoing effect on indigenous Australians of an invasion from which I profit, I struggle to talk sensibly about it. Pete saw The Lunchbox and happily talks very sensibly about it because it’s a mild and life-affirming indie comedy that doesn’t call into question the legitimacy of the very ground upon which he stands.

Because I recently saw Alien at The Astor in Melbourne, we discuss great horror films and Pete blows my mind by citing a definition of the genre that I’ve never heard before.

For homework we have the docos Stop at Nothing about Lance Armstrong, Once Upon a Time in Punchbowl about the Cronulla riots in Sydney and Rich Hall’s Inventing the Indian about the constructed image of Native Americans throughout history.

And to cheer you up, Pete recommends some Otis Lee Crenshaw.

So grab an oar and pull it with gusto as we approach the shores of terra nullius — utopia indeed — on the Shoot The Glass Podcast.

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